82 Mins

Peter Frankopan and Akala on China

In 2018, Peter Frankopan, Professor of Global History at Oxford, met hip-hop artist, social entrepreneur and bestselling author of Natives, Akala, at the How To Academy. Together they explored how China’s Belt and Road Initiative represents a new Silk Road for the 21st century, consolidating China’s position as the world’s economic superpower with seismic consequences for the United States and Europe. Along the way they touched upon the legacy of colonialism and empire, the future of democracy and the cultural and political influence the East will increasingly exert on life in the West.

Peter Frankopan also presented key ideas from his bestselling book The Silk Roads, considering the absence of Eastern history from the British history syllabus and the importance of rectifying this oversight if we are to understand the present and future of the world.

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