84 mins

Marie Forleo Reveals How to Create Unstoppable Success

“Millions of young women look to Marie Forleo as their inspiration for empowerment and achievement.”  Oprah Winfrey

With nothing more than passion, a laptop and a dream, Marie Forleo has created a digital empire that inspires millions. She’s the star of the award-winning show MarieTV, with over 47 million views, and the author of a new guide to high achievement – Everything is Figureoutable – that Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert says ‘will change lives’.

In this In Conversation with Hannah MacInnes, she teaches us what she’s learned on the path to success.

Whether you want to leave a dead-end job, break an addiction, learn to salsa, start or grow a business, master your money, or learn a new language, Marie Forleo is here to train your brain to think more creatively and positively – especially in the face of setbacks.

Praise for Marie Forleo’s Everything is Figureoutable:

‘This book delivers a knockout punch to whatever is holding you back’ Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild

‘Smart, funny, and as brilliant as it is straightforward. LOVED it!’ Brené Brown, author of Daring Greatly

‘An unapologetic guide to solving your biggest problems and accomplishing your wildest dreams’ Sophia Amoruso, author of #GIRLBOSS


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