Gift Vouchers

How To Academy

A How To Academy voucher arrives as an elegantly printed, embossed card. Its recipient will know immediately that they have been given something very special.

A How To Academy voucher is no ordinary present. It is an invitation to hear world-famous authors, superstar academics, and the political and economic leaders of the 21st century. Our gift vouchers can be used for any event or course. They are beautifully printed and delivered to you or the recipient, and have no expiry date.

How To Give a Gift Voucher

Purchase a voucher of your desired value on EventBrite using the menu below and fill in the information regarding where to send the voucher and any message you’d like included.

EventBrite will email you a receipt.

The How To Academy team will be in touch shortly afterwards to confirm the voucher has been sent.

If you don’t hear from us within 24 hours or would like extra speedy delivery, just drop an email to who will get back to you straight away.

On receipt of the voucher all the recipient needs to do is email John Gordon with which event they’d like to attend and e-tickets will be sent straightaway.