Wed, 30 October 2019

6:45 pm - 8:00 pm

Wild Encounters

David Yarrow In Conversation with Matthew Stadlen


Emmanuel Centre

9-23 Marsham Street, London


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Matthew Stadlen meets the most sought-after photographer of life on Earth.

Photographer, artist and conservationist David Yarrow has dedicated his life to chronicling the Earth’s last great wild cultures and species.

His work captures the splendour and soul of what remains free in our world, through intimate, close enough to touch portraits of wild species and human cultures. He has travelled from pole to pole, jungle to tundra, to make us see afresh the subjects we only think we know.

Collected and exhibited in fine art galleries across the globe, sold in Sotheby’s, and lauded by the Duke of Cambridge, Yarrow’s work transcends wildlife photography, connecting with viewers on a highly emotional level.

In this conversation with broadcaster Matthew Stadlen, himself the author of a new book of wildlife photography, How To See Birds, David will exhibit his latest work, and explore his passion for documenting, sharing and preserving the human and animal worlds.

Whether you want to learn how to take photographs like a true master of the form, or simply relish in the riches of the art, this is an unmissable masterclass.

All sales of David Yarrow’s Wild Encounters at this event will be donated to support conservation projects.

Works by David Yarrow:

Works by Matthew Stadlen: