Thu, 1 October 2020

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Why Ancient Wisdom Matters

Wade Davis




The legendary anthropologist takes us on an illustrated journey across the web of spiritual and cultural life that envelops our planet, seeking answers to a fundamental question: what does it mean to be alive?

From the warriors of Kenya’s Kaisut desert to the Jaguar shamans of the Amazon, the Himalayan Buddhists who pursue the breath of Dhamma to the Inuit elders whose myths still resonate with meaning, every culture on our planet participates in a dance with the possibilities of life.

In the dreams, myths, and intuitions of ancient cultures we find the central revelation of anthropology: that our idea of reality does not exist in an absolute sense, but is only one way of thinking, one way of being, determined by adaptive choices made generations ago.

Described as a “a rare combination of scientist, scholar, poet and passionate defender of all of life’s diversity,” Wade Davis has dedicated his life to understanding and advocating for the world’s indigenous cultures. For Wade, the myriad cultures of the planet make up the a web no less valuable than the biosphere itself, representing the sum total of humanity’s imagination since the dawn of consciousness.

Now Wade returns to How To Academy to share his insights into the wisdom of indigenous cultures, reminding us of the astonishing richness and complexity of the human condition, of the power of our collective thoughts and dreams, and of the value of experience and ideas that we must urgently fight to preserve against a tide of destruction.

This event takes place at 6:30pm BST.

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