Thu, 8 October 2020

6:45 pm - 8:00 pm

Why Almost Everything We’ve Been Told About Food Is Wrong

Professor Tim Spector


Emmanuel Centre

9-23 Marsham St, Westminster

London SW1P 3DW

One of the world’s leading scientists reveals why so much of the current advice about food and nutrition is dangerously inaccurate, misleading and often downright wrong.

Is salt really bad for you? Is fish good for you? What about coffee, red meat, or saturated fats? Can pregnant women rely on their doctors advice about what to eat? Does gluten-free food carry any health benefits at all? Do doctors know anything about nutrition?

In the course of research, world-leading geneticist and physician Tim Spector has been shocked to discover how little scientific evidence there is for many of our most deep-rooted ideas about food.

In this talk, he will reveal why almost everything we’ve been told about food is wrong. You will discover the scandalous lack of good science behind many medical and government food recommendations, and how the food industry holds sway over these policies and our choices. These are urgent issues that matter not just for our health as individuals but for the future of the planet.

Join us for a talk that will make you question every diet plan, official recommendation, miracle cure or food label we encounter, and encourage you to rethink our whole relationship with food.

Praise for Tim Spector:

Spoon Fed is a hugely enjoyable and critical look at common food myths, ranging from the claim that calories accurately measure how fattening a food is to the idea that all meat is bad for us. Professor Spector really delves into the science and delivers his conclusions is a clear and amusingly forthright way. It is a worthy successor to his previous best seller, The Diet Myth.’ – Michael Mosley

‘Combining…fast-paced science with medical self-help…[The Diet Myth is] model of clear, accessible and entertaining science writing’ – Financial Times

‘It’s not often that a book changes my life in a mere three chapters… It’s truly eye-opening stuff’ – Felicity Cloake

‘Fascinating, and I’m not obsessed with microbes!’ – Nigella Lawson

Useful Information

Venue Address

Emmanuel Centre

9-23 Marsham St, Westminster,

London SW1P 3DW

Event Times

Doors Open: 6:15pm

Event Starts: 6:45pm

Event Finishes: 8:00pm

Refund Policy

No refunds, no credit.


Ground floor entrance and seating.

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