Tue, 4 February 2020

6:45 pm - 8:00 pm

How to Understand the True Nature of Reality

Ziya Tong


Conde Naste College of Fashion and Design

16-17 Greek St, London


We humans can perceive only a thin slither of reality. Ziya Tong is here to show us what we’re missing.

Once upon a time, humans understood reality to be what they could touch, smell, see and hear. Since then, science has revealed the true nature of reality to be more wondrous and terrifying than we could ever conceive. And yet, we as individuals go about our day-to-day lives trusting our senses as usual, largely blind to the nature of the universe – and of the ways in which we humans have utterly transformed life of Earth.

As Canada’s leading science broadcaster and journalist, Ziya Tong has spent more than a decade interviewing and learning from the world’s top scientists and thinkers. Each one has shown her a unique, individual piece of the puzzle that is reality – revealing cutting-edge insights not only into the natural world, but into the manmade social systems on which we entirely depend, from food and energy production to the disposal of waste.

Now Ziya has drawn together these revelations to present a singular and startling picture. Like falling down a rabbit hole into Wonderland, reality will at times seem bizarre and disorienting. We will shrink in size, grow into giants, and even find ourselves understanding the languages of other animals. You’ll discover the biological “blind spots” we humans have evolved with, and the dangerous collective blind-spots we hold as societies. Most importantly, you will flush away our old ideas about the world, and question what surrounds us, what sustains us, and ultimately, what controls us.

Proust famously said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” In this startlingly original and fast-paced tour of reality, Ziya Tong will help us see the everyday world in an extraordinary new way.

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Conde Naste College of Fashion and Design

16-17 Greek St, London


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Doors Open: 6:00pm

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