Thu, 22 August 2019

6:45 pm - 8:00 pm

How to Read the Classics: from the Greeks to Game of Thrones

Daniel Mendelsohn in conversation with Ian Bostridge


University of Westminster

4 - 12 Little Titchfield Street, London, W1W 7BY

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The internationally bestselling author and essayist reveals how the mythic paradigms of ancient Greece and Rome still coarse through the veins of contemporary art and culture.

Daniel Mendelsohn is New York’s most renowned cultural critic.

Honoured with prizes including a Guggenheim fellowship and Princeton University’s James Madison Medal, and the recipient of the LA Times Book of the Year award, the National Book Critics Circle Award, the NPR Best Book of the Year, the National Jewish Book Award, and many more, his essays and reviews are essential reading in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The New York Review of Books – where he serves as Editor-at-Large.

Over three decades, Daniel’s fusion of erudition, eloquence and critical insight have made him America’s pre-eminent scholar of the classics – and most passionate advocate of their relevance to 21st century life.

He joins How To: Academy to explore how readily we still call on the Greeks and Romans as models—even as he explores the works of contemporary masters from Tom Stoppard and Virginia Woolf to Noel Coward and Tennessee Williams.

From invoking the automatons featured in Homer’s epics to explain films such as Ex Machina and Her, to illuminating Virgil’s foreshadowing of post-World War II history, to exploring the feminism of Game of Thrones, Mendelsohn will argue that the classics have never been more relevant in urgent contemporary debate.


Praise for Daniel Mendelsohn:

Our most irresistible literary critic’ – New York Times

‘Homer has a phrase for those who can speak bewitchingly: they have ‘winged words’. Mendelsohn has winged words.’  – The Times