Wed, 7 October 2020

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

How to Live Longer (with the help of AI)

Tina Woods and Special Guests




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AI is revolutionising our understanding of ageing and helping us to live longer, healthier lives. Discover how in this gathering of the world’s leading scientists and innovators.

It’s time to stop thinking that health is about treating disease and start regarding it as one of our greatest personal and social assets.

Curated by Tina Woods, founder and CEO of Collider Health, Director of All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity, working with UK Research & Innovation, NHSX and Academic Health Science Network, and author of Live Longer With AI, this event brings together four of the world’s leading experts in public health and longevity to share their insights for bringing health and wealth together to live longer and better lives.

You will meet Dr Indra Joshi, who leads the NHSX AI Lab; Professor Nicola Palmarini, Director of the UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA); Dr Alex Zhavoronkov, founder and CEO of industry-leading AI company Insilico Medicine, and Professor Peter Piot KCMG, Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, founding Executive Director of UNAIDS and Under Secretary-General of the United Nations (1995-2008) and Special Advisor to the President of the EU Commission on research and innovation for COVID-19.

You will discover

  • how AI is changing the way we understand the wider determinants of health, how the environment influences our genes and why the solutions for living longer are linked to living greener;
    • how technology can deal with the health emergency in front of us – by minimising health and wealth inequalities;
    • how to personalise your health and well-being using technology best suited to help you plan and build up your assets for a multi-stage life;
    • why our “life data” is so important and how sharing it will help us develop ageing “bio-markers”, enabling us to monitor and manage dementia and other chronic diseases of aging;
    • how scientists and doctors are using AI to find vaccines and treatments for Covid-19, make us more resilient to future pandemic threats and pre-empt the next outbreak.

Whether you want to learn how to live a longer, healthier life or understand the cutting-edge developments taking place in the science of longevity, this is an unmissable opportunity to meet the pioneers of 21st century health and medicine.

This event takes place at 6:30pm BST.

Tina Woods

Tina is Founder and CEO of Collider Health, an ecosystem builder that works with organisations in both private and public sectors to transform health with sustainable impact at scale.>>

Dr Alex Zhavoronkov

Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Insilico Medicine (, a leader in next-generation artificial intelligence technologies for drug discovery, biomarker development, and aging research. >>

Professor Peter Piot

Professor Peter Piot KCMG MD PhD, is the Director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Handa Professor of Global Health. He was the founding Executive Director of UNAIDS and Under Secretary-General of the United Nations (1995-2008).>>

Professor Nicola Palmarini

Professor Nicola Palmarini is the Director of UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA). >>

Dr Indra Joshi

Dr Indra Joshi is the Director of AI for NHSX, leading on the creation of the NHS AI Lab. Her other responsibilities include overseeing digital health initiatives within the NHS with a focus on data, digital health standards and evidence. >>

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