Mon, 21 October 2019

6:45 pm - 8:00 pm

How China’s Tech Titans Are Reshaping the World

Rebecca Fannin


Regent Street Cinema

307 Regent St, Marylebone, London


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In ten years China will dominate Tech. Join sector expert, entrepreneur and Forbes columnist Rebecca Fannin to understand the key players and their strategies.

China’s tech sector is challenging the world by innovating faster, working harder and going global. From Huawei to Baidu, Tencent to Alibaba, the biggest Chinese tech companies are already household names – and the next generation of tech innovation is set to come from China, not Silicon Valley, including in AI, fintech, drones, smartphones, ride-hailing, news and videos, bike-sharing and e-commerce.

For business leaders, VCs, start-up founders, and anyone else impacted by or interested in cashing in on the Chinese tech boom, media entrepreneur and Forbes columnist Rebecca Fannin is the leading sector expert whose insights you cannot afford to ignore. In this talk, she’ll introduce you to the leading players and their strategies, and introduce you to the sectors that matter most in China’s grab for super-power status.

Predictions that China could win a global tech race were once considered laughable. But the world’s second-largest economy and its expanding tech empire can no longer be under-estimated. Join us in October to ensure that you aren’t left behind.

Praise for Rebecca Fannin:

‘This landmark book explores and explains how China is rushing to define the future of commercial technology.’– James McGregor, author, One Billion Customers

‘Tech Titans of China is the most complete and updated chronicle of China’s meteoric rise from imitator to innovator in the past decade.’— Kai-Fu Lee, chairman and CEO, Sinovation Ventures and author of bestseller AI Superpowers

‘TECH TITANS OF CHINA is a fascinating read, and will quickly become the go-to resource to know who the key players are and how China’s tech sector is giving the US a run for its money.’— Dorinda Elliott, SVP, China Institute; former Beijing bureau chief, Newsweek

‘Very few people know more about the rise of China as a competitor to the US than Rebecca Fannin. Tech Titans of China clearly lays out the battle for world supremacy.’—Harry Edelson, Chairman, China Investment Group