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Thu, 23 July 2020

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

How Brands Can Think Long-Term

A Contagious Communications Briefing




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Find out why urgent short-term demands could be undermining your long-term performance – and what you can do to get back on track.

The times we live in demand flexible and nimble brands. But research shows companies that focus on the long-term out-perform their rivals and that marketing should be heavily weighted in favour of long-term brand building. So how do we square the circle of meeting the demands that are snapping at our heels while keeping our eyes fixed on the horizon? We believe the solution is an agile long-termist mindset. In this briefing we’ll explain what it means, who’s setting the standard and how you can get started.

Led by Katrina Stirton-Dodd, editor-at-large at Contagious Communications, and Contagious co-founder and chief brand officer Paul Kemp-Robertson, this briefing will teach you:

• How some of the world’s most successful companies are balancing short-term demands against long term strategies.
• What agile long-termism means for marketing and how it manifests in brand behaviours and creative campaigns
• How teams can become more effective in just weeks, without hiring, training or technology
• The responsibilities that fall to leaders and teams in shifting to an agile long-termist way of working

Paul Kemp-Robertson

In 2004, Paul co-founded Contagious, a global editorial and advisory service for marketers. His TED Talk has been viewed more than 1.24 million times. >>

Alex Jenkins

Alex is Editorial Director at Contagious, responsible for the company’s creative and strategic intelligence platform, as well as its award-winning magazine. Alex came to Contagious from the knowledge department of the IPA, and prior to that worked as a business journalist, copywriter, and film coordinator.

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