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Mon, 25 May 2020

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Has China Won?

Kishore Mahbubani in Conversation With Matthew Stadlen




The former President of the UN Security Council joins How To Academy live from Singapore to reveal why the global pandemic marks the true beginning of the Asian century.

The competent response of East Asian powers to the coronavirus crisis stands in stark relief to the bungled mismanagement of Western governments. The lower death rates in South Korea, China and Singapore than the US and Europe are a signal not only of the greater medical capabilities of those nations but the quality of their governance. In years to come, 2020 may be remembered as the point history turned away from Western dominance.

In this free livestreamed talk, renowned diplomat Kishore Mahbubani evaluates the two sides, and shows how China has been thinking on a global scale, launching ambitious initiatives under some of the world’s most pragmatic and competent leaders. Most critically, the Chinese people have regained their cultural confidence. Chinese society is now infused with innovation and dynamism. Meanwhile, America has seen the power of its economic model badly damaged by the 2008 financial crisis. To many it is no longer the indispensable nation but an awkward interloper.

The global rise of China and the relative strategic decline of the US presents a political challenge that the US has never faced before. American policymakers must shake off their complacency and launch a major strategic reboot of both domestic and foreign policies that have weakened the nation’s social foundations and global standing. Otherwise, the start-up nation, barely two hundred and fifty years old, with only a quarter of China’s population, cannot expect to defeat the world’s oldest continuous civilization. With his trademark candour, Prof. Mahbubani will deliver impartial and incisive insights on the strategic stakes and mistakes in this new great game.

Praise for Kishore Mahbubani:

‘Kishore Mahbubani has long filled a convenient slot on the international conference circuit (when there was such a thing) as the straight-talking Asian fond of speaking unwelcome truths to westerners. True to form, Has China Won? is certain to antagonise and even outrage American readers. But that is a good thing. For above all, it will force them to confront the unsettling probability that China will this century usurp the US as the world’s hegemon.’ – Financial Times

‘We need to know how China thinks and sees itself in the world, whether we see them as our friends, our adversary, or somewhere in between. There is no better guide for westerners to the Asian world view than Kishore Mahbubani. He shares the wealth of his knowledge and experience in this vitally important book.’ – Lawrence H. Summers, former President of Harvard University and former Treasury Secretary

This talk takes place at 3:00pm British Summer Time.

About Our Digital Programme:

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