Fri, 1 November 2019


Business Masterclass: Selling and Negotiating Workshops

Gavin Presman


Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

16-17 Greek St,


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A day long workshop on Selling and Negotiating bookable together or separately.


9:30am – 12:30pm

Do you sometimes realise that your job relies as much on changing minds, as on your particular specialist skill? Do you sometimes struggle to get people to buy what you’re selling, whether it’s your product, your ideas, or even your personality? Have you ever wondered why some people can persuade others effortlessly?


How to: Sell Anything will transform your understanding and approach to selling, using practical and effective techniques to increase your influence. It will show you how we all rely on salesmanship: whether you’re an account manager or an artist, an entrepreneur or an engineer – the secret of succss is your ability to get a yes.

Combining 15 years of experience in sales and motivation with the latest psychological research into the science of influence, this workshop demonstrates how selling is fundamental to our professional and personal lives, and that the strategies and conventions of influence are inextricably bound to our day-to-day interactions. The workshop is built around the key factors that motivate us to buy in the first place, so you can create selling solutions that provide the best deal for everyone.

The session will mix successful case studies and proven methods with interactive learning and activities. You’ll use the secrets of successful salespeople as a starting point in crafting your own solutions, which you’ll refine using discussions and practice exercises. By helping others understand what they really want and how you can help them get it, you’ll increase both the number and the quality of your positive returns – when people say yes to you, they’ll mean it. You’ll depart ready to apply your new skills to your own situation.


Anyone who has to persuade others to part with resources: money, attention, effort or time. Whether you’re in a sales role or entirely different environment, if your work life involves getting people to accept what you have, this workshop will increase the confidence and coherence of your everyday negotiations. All you need for the session is a desire to learn, and a willingness to be open and honest about what you want from yourself and from others.


2:00pm – 5:00pm

Do you have to negotiate in your business, family or personal life? Do you sometimes wonder whether you are getting the best deal for your business, your family, or yourself?



How to: Negotiate will teach you the proven strategies and tactics that professionals use to get more from every deal. It will show you how applying the simple principles of win/win negotiation will leave you richer in every area of your life.

This powerful workshop will engage and inspire you to take a new look at how you negotiate in all areas of your life. Designed following fifteen years of research into the most effective negotiation practice, it will equip you to negotiate effectively in 2017 and beyond. Fundamental to the workshop will be the belief that most effective negotiators work collaboratively for long term mutual gain, so we won’t be learning any short term gambits here, just effective and honest strategies that are proven to get results.
The session will be light on theory and heavy on practice. You will be able to work with live issues, working out how you can negotiate better deals for both yourself and the people you negotiate with. This will be an interactive learning experience, where discussions and exercises will be used to bring the ideas to life, ensuring you can practically apply new skills to your life when you leave the room.



Anyone who wants to get better deals, in any area of his or her life. Whether you are a professional who negotiates every day, or someone who seldom negotiates (and therefore often feels you get taken advantage of), this workshop will help you get more out of the resources available to you. The only pre-requisite for this session is an openness to learn, and a willingness to work harder to give and get more in areas where you want more.