Wed, 14 October 2020

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Behavioural Insights: What They Are And Why They Matter

Elspeth Kirkman in conversation with Matthew Stadlen




Fusing insights from psychology and economics, the “Nudge Unit” has pioneered a new approach to addressing some of society’s biggest challenges. Join us for a definitive guide to the field.

Our behaviour is strongly influenced by factors that lie outside our conscious awareness, although we tend to underestimate the power of this “automatic” side of our behaviour. As a result, governments make ineffective policies, businesses create bad products, and individuals make unrealistic plans.

In contrast, the behavioural insights approach applies evidence about actual human behaviour—rather than assumptions about it—to practical problems.

Founder of the No 10 ‘Nudge Unit’s North American office, Elspeth Kirkman joins us to explore how behavioural insights have opened up new ways of addressing some of the biggest challenges faced by societies, changing the way that governments, businesses, and non-profits work in the process.

In conversation with journalist and broadcaster Matthew Stadlen, Elspeth will explore the approach across policy areas, consider the limits and ethical implications, and look to the future of this fast-moving and hugely influential new field.

This event takes place at 6:30pm BST.

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