Steve Harrison

Pricing & Info

Per hour: £200

Price based on one-to-one tuition

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Bella Pollen

Pricing & Info

Jumpstart Course: £1300 + VAT  (4 x 2.5 hour sessions)

Keep Moving (Full Manuscript): £1050 + VAT (Read through and written analysis of manuscript + 2 hours mentoring)

Keep Moving (Half Manuscript): £800 + VAT (Read through and written analysis of manuscript + 2 hours mentoring)

Crash Edit : £2500 + VAT (20 hours over one week)

Regular Edit : £1040 + VAT (2 hours x 4 weeks)

Ongoing support is available at £140 + VAT  per hour

All packages Include unlimited email support.

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“Bella made this book her personal mission. She read through every page again and again, and, colored index cards in hand, helped me restructure the book scene by scene. Without her unfailing support, this book would not have been.”

Howard Axelrod, author of The Point of Vanishing.


“Before I worked with Bella, I’d been stalled in the middle of a memoir project for over year. Bella provided the perspective and the motivation necessary to give me distance from my story. She’s developed a fool proof method of finding the central tensions of narrative and laying them out for the author. Working with her saved me months, if not years, of editing and re-writing.”

Kristen Cosby, author of The Thirty-Nine Foot World.  


“I came to Bella as an unpublished author who didn’t know how to tell a story. With Bella’s ruthless red penning and her passion to teach me the art of writing, my script gradually turned into a book. I shall never forget her telling me it wasn’t enough to be able to write; I had to entertain too. Bella is tough but her charm, talent, humour and vision to see potential, is truly exceptional. I have since had seven novels and two non-fiction books published, and shall always look back and be grateful to Bella for everything she did for me.”

Alice Peterson, author of Another Alice. 


“Bella has a wonderful eye for structure and pace. The changes she suggested for ‘The Baroness’ made all the difference.”

Hannah Rothschild, author of The Baroness.

Philip Womack

Pricing & Info

This course consists of 8 one-hour sessions

Private one-to-one: £960

Shorter courses and tuition for larger groups are available on request.


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“Philip not only has an encyclopaedic knowledge of literature but his passion for it is infectious. Philip’s method of teaching makes you feel like you are both learning together, which is extremely reassuring. I felt both liberated and guided in my writing. And it’s fun!”

F.U., private client


“Thank you very much for a fantastic weekend. I loved every minute of the course!”

Nicky Betteley, How: To Write Children’s Fiction client

Frances Wilson

Pricing & Info

2 hour session: £200

Frances will speak with you to gauge the number of sessions required.

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