Tanya De Grunwald

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Course price: £295 (+ VAT)
(Includes signed copy of  How to Get a Graduate Job Now).

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What graduates say…

“Tanya’s advice is delivered in a clear, friendly manner. Once I implemented her methods I saw a considerable increase in the number of interviews I was called for. Job hunting and the inevitable rejections can really take their toll – Tanya keeps you going!”

Tom Bradley


“Tanya gives graduates relevant, up-to-the-minute and first hand advice that is far better than anything I received from my university’s career service.”

Claire Graham


“Tanya throws all that awful, dull career advice from schools and universities out of the window and starts anew on a level today’s young job seekers can empathise with. You feel as if Tanya genuinely cares – and knows what she is talking about.”

Jonathon White


“I can testify that I landed a great graduate job offer after taking a lot of Tanya’s advice!”

Michaela Drizhalova


“Tanya was great at relieving some of the ‘post-graduation blues’ I experienced after university. Instantly, I felt I wasn’t alone in my journey.”

Jess Hughes


And what parents say…

“Nearly 50 job applications later, my graduate son said ‘This isn’t working.’ He was either being rejected, or not hearing back. With Tanya’s advice, we changed tack. He applied for a graduate internship with an outsourcing company (salary £22,000) and got it. Tanya’s advice changes your thinking and puts you back control. Thank you Tanya!”

Kerry Brown


Edie Lush

Pricing & Info

This is a 3 hour workshop.


1 person: £1095 (plus VAT)

2-4 people: £1795 (plus VAT)

5-10 people: £2995 (plus VAT)


Each participant gets a copy of How To Speak With Confidence In Public and notes specific to them & their development needs

Skype follow-up consultations are available at £195 per hour (plus VAT)

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“I found the whole thing very, very helpful. The skills add so much more than just increasing your presentation and communication skills. They increase confidence, presence and charisma.”

Andrew Kinsey, Vice President, Equity Finance, Citi


“From the first moment to the last, I knew I was in very safe hands. Edie is a first rate professional who knew all our fears and hesitations, and guided us with great skill to an unexpected confidence in presenting ourselves to the world. Exceptional training.”

Katherine Davies, CEO/Founder, Iguacu

Anna Percy-Davis

Pricing & Info

Private tuition

4 sessions (1 hour each): £800

Subsequent sessions: £175

Includes email support.


Workshops (3 hours)

Up to 5 people: £600

6-20 people: £800

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