Mary Ann Sieghart

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Do conversations about politics leave you baffled? Worried what to say when people ask you what you think of May or Corbyn? Or who’s going to win the next election? Or whether you support a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ Brexit? Fret no more. After an hour’s briefing with Mary Ann Sieghart, veteran political commentator, you can emerge with a real understanding of what’s going on in British politics – the people, the policies, the parties and their prospects.


About the instructor

Mary Ann Sieghart has 30 years’ experience of writing about politics, in The TimesThe Economist and The Independent. She knows all the key players in all the main parties, and has had one-to-one lunches with every Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher. She can guide you through the Westminster corridors, amuse you with anecdotes and give you the ammo to talk authoritatively about the political scene. Unencumbered by tribal party loyalties, she can also give you an objective view of what’s really happening, what’s likely to happen next and why.

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2 Hour Session: £350

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