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About this course

We’re all asked to say a few words every now and again – it is hard to avoid your whole life. This course will help you to overcome your nerves, hone your speaking style, and come across positively in speeches, interviews and important presentations.


About the instructor

Edie Lush is a communication and personal development coach. She is passionate about bringing her experience as a journalist, host and MC to others. She works with clients to provide practical techniques to help them come to life and communicate with authenticity and confidence. She wrote a book with communication expert Charlotte McDougall about Speaking in Public which was published by Macmillan as part of the How to: series in 2016.

Past Clients include individuals and teams from Google, Pandora, Sevenhills, Dentons, Streets Consultancy and YPO.org to mention but a few.

What you will learn

The techniques you’ll learn will be useful for every speech, meeting, pitch and presentation or discussion you’ll ever have.

Edie will teach you how to speak with more confidence and come across positively and clearly, whatever the situation. Learning through enjoyable practical exercises and simple theory, you will leave with:

  • A heightened awareness of what effective communication looks and sounds like.
  • Practical techniques to take away and use immediately which help put you in control of your presentation and personal impact.
  • An awareness of your strengths and weaknesses and what you can do differently.
  • Vocal and physical techniques to ensure you across with conviction, personality and confidence.
  • A practical methodology to help you prepare and structure your content and bring even the most technical material to life.
  • Learning by doing. I believe that you don’t really learn until you get up and “do.”


Who is it for?

Anyone who has to speak in public or present in any situation – from business meetings to TED-style talks.


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Pricing & Info

This is a 3 hour workshop.

1 person: £1095 (plus VAT)

2-4 people: £1795 (plus VAT)

5-10 people: £2995 (plus VAT)

Each participant receives a copy of  How To Speak With Confidence In Public and notes specific to them & their development needs

Skype follow-up consultations are available at £195 per hour (plus VAT)

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“Edie’s ability to break down my style and highlight the strengths and smooth out the wrinkles was extraordinary.  Without making me self-conscious she helped me identify areas for improvement and simple and effective tools to keep me focused on engaging the audience and telling my story.  I was able to immediately put it all to work on television interviews and in public speaking opportunities, and felt confident and assured that I was clearly and confidently getting my message across.”

Mike Herring, President and CFO, Pandora


“My CEO said ‘transformational”. The coaching made a huge difference. The event went very well and I have already had a call this morning from a prospect wanting to talk about potential work.”

Sallie Pilot, Director of Research and Strategy, Black Sun


“I found the whole thing very, very helpful. The skills add so much more than just increasing your presentation and communication skills. They increase confidence, presence and charisma.”

Andrew Kinsey, Vice President, Equity Finance, Citi

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