Gavin Presman

About this course

This powerful training will engage and inspire you to take a new look at how you negotiate in all areas of your life. Fundamental to the workshop will be the belief that most effective negotiators work collaboratively for long term mutual gain, so we won’t be learning any short term gambits here, just effective and honest strategies that are proven to get results.


About the instructor

Gavin Presman is one of the UK’s leading Sales Trainers. As a Master Practitioner of NLP, and Global Catalyst Trainer, Gavin’s training style is informal, yet focused on results. He has won a coveted National Training Award, as well as being commended as the “best rated trainer EMEA” for Microsoft in 2013. He has demonstrated products in markets, malls and exhibitions, sold photocopiers and faxes, sold door to door, on the phone, and been a Sales Director in Radio and Television.


What you will learn

This will be an interactive learning experience, where discussions and exercises will be used to bring the ideas to life, ensuring you can practically apply new skills to your life when you leave the room.

Content includes:

  • Introductions and objectives
  • Separating Negotiation and Selling
  • Understanding when to negotiate
  • The psychology of negotiation
  • Why collaboration for win-win works best in negotiation
  • How to create a collaborative environment
  • Stepping into your partners negotiation shoes
  • The 7 Step process for effective negotiation
  • Preparing you to negotiate professionally using WIN lines
  • Understanding the power of variables
  • Setting clear guidelines and “Red lines”
  • Creating a Green Zone of agreement
  • How to bargain collaboratively
  • Avoiding red herrings and other tactics and gambits
  • Creating effective proposals
  • Building win-win agreements


Who is this programme for?

Anyone who wants to get better deals, in any area of his or her life. Whether you are a professional who negotiates every day, or someone who seldom negotiates (and therefore often feels you get taken advantage of), this workshop will help you get more out of the resources available to you.


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Pricing & Info

 3 hour workshop: £1250

Day rate: £2250

Per hour: £500

Prices based on one-to-one tuition. For groups of up to 30, please enquire through how to: Academy For Business.


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