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About this workshop

Millennials (those born after 1980) now represent a quarter of the UK population, are the largest generation in history and by 2020 will make up the majority of the workforce. They are however casually characterized as narcissistic, afraid of hard work and overly optimistic.

In fact, the opposite is true; they are entrepreneurial, creative, value-driven and better educated and travelled than their parents. Like every generation before them, they have been shaped by events and circumstances which has determined their attitudes on everything from promotion at work to preventative healthcare, from access to news to taxation.

This course will seek to demystify the Millennial Generation; their role as citizens, employees and consumers. What are their core values and how does this shape their attitude towards brands, the work place and politics? Given they have clear priorities, how can businesses best appeal to them as consumers (both on-line and off-line)?

The average Millennial changes job every two years, what can companies do to best manage their Millennial cohort and secure their loyalty? The recent Brexit vote revealed a ‘generation gap’ within politics; can we detect such a ‘gap’ in the workplace, and if so, how can this be addressed? What are the subgroups within Millennials and how do they differ from those across the globe?

These questions and much more will be answered over the course of this one-day workshop which will be essential for all those invested in the future of work and consumption.


About the instructor

Dr Eliza Filby is an academic, businesswoman and an authoritative speaker on the Millennial Generation. Eliza has worked with companies including Proctor & Gamble, Thomson Reuters and has recently completed an extensive project with leading global hair brand, Toni & Guy and their product wing, Label M. In 2014, she founded GradTrain, the UK‘s leading training organization for universities and businesses, providing bespoke employability training for Millennial graduates. She is currently writing her next book Generation WTF, which examines the habits, tastes and beliefs of Millennials. Since 2015, Eliza has delivered speeches and workshops on engaging and marketing Millennials to different sectors from news agencies to health companies.

Eliza received her PhD from the University of Warwick in contemporary British history in 2010 and published her first book, God and Mrs Thatcher; the Battle for Britain’s Soul in 2015. Between 2011-2014, Eliza lectured at King‘s College London and Remnin University Beijing. She is currently a Visiting Lecturer at King’s College, London.

An experienced public speaker and facilitator, Eliza has lectured to a wide range of audiences from the Institute of Public Policy, to the Oxford Union, to the Conservative party conference fringe and the universities of LSE, Cambridge and Harvard. She has written for The Times, Guardian, Telegraph and the Spectator and has reviewed for the Financial Times. Eliza frequently acts as a commentator on BBC, Sky News and has also worked with broadcasters in Russia, Spain, China and North America. Eliza is a regular panelist on the Sky News’ Evening Paper Review show.


What you will learn

  • This will be an interactive course; you will be encouraged to apply the course content to your sector or business
  • You will learn the chief characteristics of Millennials and their unique generational experience as well as their values and priorities as citizens, consumers, employees.
  • You will learn how Millennials differ from baby-boomers and Generation X in the workplace and how to address the ‘Generation Gap’ in your company.
  • You will given tools, ideas and practical advice on how to motivate and manage your Millennial workers to ensure their loyalty and commitment.
  • How your business or sector can talk ‘Millennial’s language’ and address their concerns and priorities as consumers (whilst not alienating your older consumers in the process).
  • How to effectively deploy social media to engage with your Millennial customers.
  • You will be guided through Global Millennial values and trends and given suggestions on how can you adapt your business accordingly.


Who is programme for?

Anyone who is looking for a better understanding of the Millennial generation and how these trends are impacting on your business. You may run a company that wishes to engage more effectively with Millennial consumers or perhaps you are someone that struggles to manage and understand the millennial workforce, or maybe you are a Millennial who wishes to keep up to date with the leading theories and thinking on marketing and management. Whatever your motivation, this workshop will equip you with the tools to address the needs and concerns of your business or sector.

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Half day workshop (3hrs): £1650 
Full day workshop (10-5pm): £3200
This price includes an initial telephone consultation to ascertain the specific aims of the workshop and expectations of the audience.  Each participant receives a copy of ‘SelfieTribe: ‘Rules for Engaging and Managing Millennials’ along with accompanying notes emerging from the workshop. 

Skype follow-up consultations are available at £250 per hour. 

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