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About this course

In today’s world most of us have to make presentations and speeches with increasing frequency. Sometimes they go well, at other times they seem to lack the impact we desire.

It can seem that a great presentation is down to luck and talent. This isn’t true. You just need to understand your audience, know how humans communicate, and make sure that your message and personality shine through. Neil Chalmers will teach you the techniques and rules that will enable you to make every presentation a success, and build your reputation as a talented and effective presenter.


About this coach

Neil Chalmers is able to provide just the training you need to deliver effective speeches and presentations for any purpose, and to any audience. With over 30 years of experience, Neil has worked with clients such as Boeing, Kleinwort Benson, JP Morgan, US Surgical, Eurotunnel, Bank of Bermuda, XL Insurance and AT&T.

He is also the author of How To Make Great Presentations, published as a how to: Academy book.


What you will learn

You work directly with Neil to learn how to prepare, hone and deliver every presentation you make to have maximum impact. Tailored through listening, specialised exercises and training, Neil will identify your personal strengths and weaknesses and teach you how to:

  • Use your personality to ensure that your message has the impact you desire
  • Prepare effectively and efficiently – and leave nothing to chance
  • Master the use of visual aids, such as slides
  • Engage your audience by understanding what they want from your presentation – and going beyond their expectations
  • Harness your stress and adrenalin
  • Remember your lines
  • Deliver every presentation with a strong start, through to a strong finish
  • Answer questions effectively, and keep your audience on side


Who is it for?

Anyone who has to make presentations – whether in internal meetings, to current clients, or in pitches and proposals. Neil is also on hand to review and improve specific presentations.

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3 hour workshop: £375 (+£125 for each subsequent hour)

Day rate: £1000

Prices based on one-to-one tuition

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“Despite all the many presentations I’ve made in the past, your insights into general technique and specific areas such as Q&A and visual aids were right on the button and although I hate to admit it, made the narrative just that bit more focussed.”

John Emerson


“Neil’s contribution was significant in achieving the growth goals of the company as well, in delivering the key messages of the cost benefit analysis of laparoscopic surgery versus open surgery to our various target audiences and creating a company wide understanding and commitment to effective communications.”

Sue Titterington

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