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About this course

Presenting yourself with confidence and clarity, structuring a verbal argument in an interview and displaying emotional intelligence are not always taught at school or university.

Edie coaches and supports young people as they prepare for life-changing university and graduate interviews. She has helped school leavers win places at universities such as Oxford and Cambridge and coached graduates to win jobs, placements and training contracts with the magic circle law firms and companies such as Deloitte, Accenture and Ashurst.


About the instructor

Edie Lush is a communication and personal development coach. She is passionate about bringing her experience as a journalist, host and MC to others. She works with clients to provide practical techniques to help them come to life and communicate with authenticity and confidence. She wrote a book with communication expert Charlotte McDougall about Speaking in Public which was published by Macmillan as part of the How to: series in 2016.

Past Clients include individuals and teams from Google, Pandora, Sevenhills, Dentons, Streets Consultancy and YPO.org to mention but a few.

What you will learn

People buy people, so you need to make sure that you are visible, memorable and in control of the impact you make. But what often happens when we are interviewing for a job or a place at university – when we feel in the spotlight and need to deliver – is that the confident, comfortable and engaging person that our friends recognize can drain away to leave a drier, less impactful and effective version of ourselves.

In just a short time, Edie will help you to be more confident and effective in your interviews.

Session 1

The first session will start with a diagnostic – how are you doing with the skills of projecting yourself?  Are you coming across as confident, engaging and authoritative?   We often think we know how people perceive us, but the reality can be very different. With the use of the camera, you and Edie will analyse how you come across.

You’ll then take a look at the obvious but often overlooked qualities of effective communication and impact – what is needed in order to appear confident and engaging.  By exploring the concepts of energy (to increase presence) and the story structure (to bring your experience, ideas and messages to life and make them concise, interesting and memorable) you and Edie will work on putting you in control of your impact and content so that you come across as engaging, personable and authoritative.

Session 2

You and Edie will take the more confident and memorable you into a simulated interview and work with a professional role player to recreate the interview situation and tough personalities that you’ll encounter.

You will examine how you can have a strong impact when being asked challenging questions and work on turning an interview into what feels like a conversation.

You will work on relationship and rapport building skills.  You will work on influencing skills to help take your questioners with you.   You will do some strategy – pushing the right buttons with whomever you are talking to – and some work around listening and empathy; all the time practicing the skills you need to maintain your personality and profile whatever comes your way.


Who is this for?

Young people with big ambitions will find this course helpful throughout their careers.

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Pricing & Info

This is a 3 hour workshop.


1 person: £1095 (plus VAT)

2-4 people: £1795 (plus VAT)

5-10 people: £2995 (plus VAT)


Each participant gets a copy of How To Speak With Confidence In Public and notes specific to them & their development needs

Skype follow-up consultations are available at £195 per hour (plus VAT)

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“I found the whole thing very, very helpful. The skills add so much more than just increasing your presentation and communication skills. They increase confidence, presence and charisma.”

Andrew Kinsey, Vice President, Equity Finance, Citi


“From the first moment to the last, I knew I was in very safe hands. Edie is a first rate professional who knew all our fears and hesitations, and guided us with great skill to an unexpected confidence in presenting ourselves to the world. Exceptional training.”

Katherine Davies, CEO/Founder, Iguacu

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