Emma Hill-French

About this course

This course will show you how to cultivate a focused mind using techniques from classical yoga. Many people think of yoga as a physical discipline for bendy types, but it is in fact a profoundly powerful science for mastering the mind.


About the coach

Emma is a yoga teacher and former corporate high-flyer. She used to be a very tense person, and then she discovered yoga nidra (yoga sleep). When she had an office job, she would often escape to basements and storage cupboards for 20 minutes’ restoration.

In 2012, Emma decided to spend several months studying classical yoga in an Indian ashram. Since then, she’s been sharing the practices that have been so life-enhancing for her with many different groups of students.


What you will learn

You’ll learn simple sequences which you can use in everyday life (no mats or lycra required). Expect gentle physical movements, simple breathing practices and a sublime guided relaxation known as yoga nidra (yoga sleep). There will be no contortions, headstands or sitting cross-legged.


Who is it for?

It’s for anyone who wants a sharper, quieter mind. The sessions work best in small groups (three to ten).

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Pricing & Info

This course runs as four 90-minute sessions spread over four weeks

Mats and blankets are provided

Four people or fewer: £300 per four-week course

Five people or more: £500 per four-week course

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“I have loved Emma’s yoga course. I find myself looking forward to the sessions every week and I always feel super relaxed afterwards. My body becomes less tense and my mind more still.”

Ale del Cueto, Web Editor


“My need for Emma’s classes is now reaching addiction levels.”

Paul Nixon, Building Services Manager


“I found every class I attended both challenging but incredibly relaxing at the same time. Although the exercises seemed very light, it became obvious the day after that they were in fact very deep and effective! I also slept like a baby after each class.”

Kathryn Gilbert, Personal Trainer

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