Anna Percy-Davis

About this course

When it comes to getting the career that’s right for you, it’s never too early to start. Anna Percy-Davis will help you to create a killer CV, give you the inside information on how to be interviewed for jobs and internships, give you the confidence that will enable you to get the most out of your work, and help you to start building the career you want.


About the coach

Anna has decade of experience in executive and career coaching – and frequently leads workshops for the how to: Academy. Previous to this she worked in recruitment and in finance. She has a coaching training, a foundation training in psychotherapy and a degree in Economics and Psychology. Anna believes passionately that in order to be successful individuals need to be audacious, resilient and championed and if we can nurture these skills young enough they will be skills for life.


What you will learn

This will be a bespoke programme in which you cover and work on whatever you feel you need to in order to grab the opportunites that are available to you, and start building a great career. Areas that individuals often work on are:

  • CV Writing: How to write a CV that will get you noticed – even if you have little work experience.
  • Career planning: Identify what you want out of a career – and create a plan for how to achieve it.
  • Interview technique: Come across as confident, clever, and right for the job or internship you want.
  • Working in an office: Navigate the tricky world of office politics, and impress the people who you work with.
  • Confidence: Tips and skills to feel more confident and to come across as more confident.
  • Communication: How to make presentations, make friends and allies, and communicate clearly.


Who is it for?

Anna has been working with teens and young people for the last five years, from 12 and up. Whether you are looking for your first internship, or making the move to a full-time career, Anna will give you the skills you need to succeed.

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Private tuition

4 sessions (1 hour each): £800

Subsequent sessions: £175

Includes email support.


Workshops (3 hours)

Up to 5 people: £600

6-20 people: £800

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