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About this course

Have you always wanted to write a children’s book? From Harry Potter to Alex Rider, from Hunger Games to the Gruffalo, children’s books are a delightful and successful component of the publishing world. Whether you’ve got a manuscript in the drawer, or want to start afresh, this tailored course in Writing For Children will take you through all the necessary aspects, from sources, plot, structure, character and setting to advice on how to get published in the competitive world of children’s publishing.


About the coach

Philip Womack is the author of six critically acclaimed novels for children: The Other Book (2008) and The Liberators (2010), followed by The Darkening Path trilogy:  comprising The Broken King (2014), The King’s Shadow (2015) and The King’s Revenge (2016). His novel exploring Greek myth, The Double Axe, was published in early 2016.

He teaches Children’s and Young Adult Fiction at Royal Holloway University, and is Patron of Reading at the John Roane School in South London.


What you will learn

  • Style – Philip’s coaching technique aims to focus on a client’s style, forming it into a clear, precise flow that is suited to both the subject matter and the audience.
  • Sources – You and Philip will look at a variety of sources for children’s books, and how to use them in writing.
  • Plot – The most important thing in a children’s book: just how do you create a tight, exciting plot?
  • Structure – Once you’ve got your plot, you need to work it into a tight structure. Philip will guide you through this process.
  • Pacing – How to corral your prose into clear, structured paragraphs that move the plot onwards.
  • Characters – How do your characters live and breathe and appeal to a child audience?
  • Audience – How do you appeal to an audience that is so far removed from your own experience?
  • Publication – How do you present your work to the people who want to publish it?


Who is it for?

You’ll love this course if: you want to write children’s books; want to work in the children’s literature world; or just simply want to have some fun putting together something enjoyable for your own family.

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This course consists of 8 one-hour sessions

Private one-to-one: £960

Shorter courses and tuition for larger groups are available on request.


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“Philip not only has an encyclopaedic knowledge of literature but his passion for it is infectious. Philip’s method of teaching makes you feel like you are both learning together, which is extremely reassuring. I felt both liberated and guided in my writing. And it’s fun!”

F.U., private client


“Thank you very much for a fantastic weekend. I loved every minute of the course!”

Nicky Betteley, How: To Write Children’s Fiction client

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