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About this course

The most valuable resource in business isn’t time or money. It’s flow. Flow is that elusive state of full-engagement that repels stress, fear and anxiety, and skyrockets creativity, productivity and a deep sense of happiness.

Through practical, no-nonsense explanations, demonstrations and exercises Matt Follows will teach you how to hack into flow on-demand, and enable you to work more creatively and more productively – and extend your stamina and capacity to live and work well throughout your career.


About the instructor

After spending 20 years in the advertising industry as a writer, commercials director and creative director, Matt retrained as a performance psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist at King’s College London. Fusing his agency and leadership experience with his psychology training, he now specializes in helping creative leaders, teams and businesses develop the mental muscle needed to thrive in today’s pressure-cooker environment.


What you will learn

The focus of this course is on action-oriented results, and it will give you the practical insight and psychological technology you need to thrive under pressure and achieve your full potential.

Following this training you will:

  • Understand how flow really works and turn it on at will
  • Prevent fear, stress and anxiety hijacking your passion and enthusiasm
  • Make better, more balanced decisions under pressure
  • Boost your productivity and creativity
  • ‘Switch off’ self-doubt, insecurity and self-defeating head-chatter
  • Tune into your gut instinct and creative intuition
  • Turn obstacles and hurdles into springboards not roadblocks
  • Triple your energy levels without caffeine, Red Bull or other stimulants
  • Leave “a bad at the office” at the office
  • Burn bright without burning out


Who is this for?

Matt usually works with clients in the creative industries – but all can benefit from the approaches he has developed to help you to beat stress and achieve success.

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4 x 2-hour sessions via Skype: £1000

Matt provides unlimited email coaching between each session

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“The best thing about Matt is that he makes it feel like you’re creating these breakthroughs yourself. A true coach in that sense, he helps you to dig deep with just the lightest touch by asking the right questions. I was skeptical about professional coaching at first, to me it seemed like a selfish and indulgent thing to do, but Matt’s coaching hasn’t only helped me personally, it’s been absolutely instrumental to my success at work”

Vincent van de Wetering, Creative Director at MediaMonks
“Matt has had a profound impact on my life. [He gave] me tools and methodologies for improving well-being and focus in my personal and professional lives. I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have been able to work with him. I’d recommend Matt to anyone.”

Neil Young, Director of Communications M&C Saatchi PR
“What makes Matt unique amongst other trainers and coaching professionals is his deep knowledge of neuroscience and psychology coupled with his first-hand experience of the advertising and creative industries. This makes for a potent combination which really resonated with us.”

Gemma McCartney, Head of Talent Acquisition, EMEA at Cohn & Wolfe

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