Writing a Novel: How to Begin and How to Carry On will take both beginners and more experienced writers on a journey into the shapes of stories that will give them practical tools to find a path into – and out the other side of – their novel.

Anyone can learn the key qualities that publishers look for in a novel. If you have persistence, understanding of the basic principles, and some invaluable advice from acclaimed novelist and teacher Tim Lott, you’ll be well on your way to crafting your magnum opus.

The emphasis of this course is to get a grasp on what you’re up against – and to make it clear that although talent can’t be taught, story techniques and principles do exist and are very powerful. Learn them well and you will have the basic tools to write a novel.

Tim will introduce you to the “classical” structure that all stories, since the beginning of human history, have naturally gravitated towards and continue to manifest in films, plays and novels. He will also share his tips on getting started – and sticking with – writing your novel.

Writers of all levels of attainment, ability and achievement can profit from this course.



– Practical tips on starting, continuing with, and finishing a novel

– Barriers you will encounter on your journey and how to overcome them

– Understanding the shapes of stories and how they reflect human psychology.

– How stories create characters and characters create stories.

– The most common mistakes novice – and experienced – writers make.




Shaping a novel chapter by chapter calls for complex psychological insight. Tim Lott possesses that insight – and will guide your creative explorations with clarity and proven skill.” – Robertt McKee ‘Story’.

TL is one of the few novelists who truly understands the demands of story structure for the author rather than the screenwriter.His passionate exploration of the role of structure in the novel both truly exciting to listen to – and revelatory’ – John Yorke, ‘Into the Woods’.





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