Part 1 of the evening – Rob Penn on The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees.

We are delighted to welcome Rob Penn, author, television presenter and raconteur, for a special how to: Academy event that follows the journey of one tree and the work of the craftsmen who turned it into over 100 useful objects.

In 2012, Penn felled a great ash from a Welsh forest. Travelling with this magnificent tree across Britain, Europe and the USA, he visited a generation of craftspeople committed to creating beautiful objects from wood. From wheelwrights and arrowsmiths, toboggan-makers and hurley stick carvers, Penn observed and documented the traditional and modern techniques that can turn this renewable resource into gorgeous, useful and natural objects.

In this talk, based on Rob Penn’s new book, The Man Who Made Things Out Of Trees, which has been selected as Radio 4’s Book of the Week over Christmas (from 21st December), we will be transported on a marvellous journey.

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Part 2 of the evening – The art of woodcraft, demonstrated by The Indytute.

In the second part of this event, the fantastic Indytute will introduce a new generation of woodcrafters, who will show the audience how to make their own objects from solid wood.

Sophie from Grain and Knot will demonstrate the art of spoon carving; each piece made from a chunk of reclaimed timber to make a tactile piece of kitchenware that you will love and appreciate every time you stir a sauce.

Zack McLaughlin will be exhibiting his painstaking skill in carving beautiful and realistic birds from paper and wood, turning these simple materials into astonishing works of art.

Finally, come and ‘do’ with Uncommonly Beautiful, the anti-landfill fashion accessory label founded by the talented designer-maker, Kristy Kirkpactrick. She will show you how to make environmentally friendly – not to mention beautiful – wooden bookmarks.

If you are fired and inspired to learn these crafts (and why wouldn’t you?) The Indytute run brilliantly inspired workshops. Whittling your life away just got a whole lot more interesting.

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In association with The INDYTUTE.

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