The Godmother of Silicon Valley and mother of three superstar daughters shares her tried-and-tested methods for raising happy, healthy, successful children.

Esther Wojcicki is leading a revolution not only in how we prepare our children to succeed, but how we nurture the health and well-being of parents across the world.” – Arianna Huffington

There are no Nobel Prizes for parenting or education, but if there were, Esther Wojcicki would be first in-line. The mother of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Fulbright scholar Janet Wojcicki, and 23 And Me founder Anne Wojcicki, as well as a teacher and mentor to James Franco and Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Susan is widely heralded as the most successful parent and educator in the United States.

Esther’s ideas and methods have been widely adopted in Silicon Valley and in leading global education programmes. Now she joins how to: Academy to share them with us.

Revolutionizing the way we think about human behaviour, Esther encourages us to abandon helicopter parenting. The best way to prepare our children for their future is to let them lead. By teaching them to problem-solve, to explore their passions, to develop resilience and enjoy working as a team you can equip them to be fulfilled, empowered and independent.

Change your parenting, change the world.







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