Due to exceptional demand the venue has changed to the Royal Institution.

Chris Anderson, the man behind TED Talks, joins the how to: Academy to talk about how to prepare an exceptional presentation and keep any audience engaged.

From general speeches to business presentations, we all experience unavoidable situations where we have to speak to an audience, hold their interest, and gain their trust and respect. Chris Anderson’s experience in shaping the ‘ideas worth spreading’ of TED Talks’ amazing alumni (Amy Cuddy, Elizabeth Gilbert, Bill Gates, Sir Ken Robinson to name but a few) has given him an extraordinary insight into how to give an exceptional presentation – whether at an informal family occasion, or a global conference.

We don’t all have to have ambitions to change the world – but the ability to capture the hearts of those we speak to is a skill that will never be wasted. Join Chris Anderson and the how to: Academy to learn how you can give a first-class presentation.

The event will open with a TED-length talk by Chris Anderson, after which he will be in conversation with Peter Florence, Director of the Hay Festivals.


Nobody in the world better understands the art and science of public speaking than Chris Anderson. He is the absolutely perfect person to have written this book, and it will be a gift to many.‘ – Elizabeth Gilbert

Is there a single recipe for a great speech? Of course not. But there are some essential ingredients, which the TED team sets out here with concision, verve and wit (which are also some of the ingredients). An inspiring, contemporary guide to the venerable arts of oratory.‘ – Sir Ken Robinson


Royal Institution

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