In this major talk based on his highly acclaimed new book “Winners Take All”, Anand Giridharadas will argue that philanthropy simply isn’t working and in many cases does more harm than good.

For global business leaders and cultural icons to give their wealth and time to the world’s most urgent causes seems a worthwhile endeavour, wherever we sit on the political spectrum. Who could condemn efforts to eradicate malaria, educate girls and fight climate change? But for Anand Giridharadas who has had insider access to the world’s philanthropists, and business tycoons, the global elite’s efforts to fight for equality and justice are simply not working. Instead of ‘changing the world’, they preserve the status quo and obscure their culpability.

In this talk, we will see how the best intentions of the rich often go awry. In their attempts to do more good without doing less harm, they address the symptoms without acknowledging their role in the causes.

Giridharadas will ask why should our gravest problems be solved by the unelected rich instead of the public institutions they erode by lobbying and dodging taxes? Rather than rely on scraps from the winners, he will argue that we must take on the gruelling democratic work of building more robust, egalitarian institutions, fixing the core social infrastructure problem, and insisting that elites give up some power along with their money.


Praise for Anand Giridharadas:

“His fresh perspective on solving complex societal problems is admirable. I appreciate his commitment and dedication to spreading social justice.” Bill Gates

“An indispensable guide for those perplexed by the rising public anger toward ‘change-making’ elites” Michael J. Sandel, author of What Money Can’t Buy

“For those at the helm, the philanthropic plutocrats and aspiring “change agents” who believe they are helping but are actually making things worse, it’s time for a reckoning”
Joseph Stiglitz, The New York Times Book Review






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