Asia’s leading global strategist joins the How To: Academy to guide us through the dizzying ways the continent is reshaping the planet – and our collective future.

Two thirds of the world’s megacities.
Two thirds of the world’s largest banks.
Two thirds of the world’s economic growth.

The data speak for themselves: we are living in the Asian century — and China is barely half of it.

From Tokyo to Dubai and Seoul to Singapore, global power has already shifted eastwards — and now Asia is aggressively expanding its influence westwards. Yet our grasp of Asia is highly simplistic, based on crude assumptions about what is actually the most ethnically and culturally diverse region on earth. Asia evades any generalisations beyond the geographic label itself — and the west cannot afford to keep getting it so wrong.

That’s why the How To: Academy has invited the strategist and bestselling author Parag Khanna to be our guide to Asia and our own Asian future. A Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum and one of Esquire’s Most Influential People of the 21st Century, an advisor to the US National Intelligence Council and its Special Operations Forces, he has shared his insights into the new world order with governments and corporations all over the world. He joins us to tell the story of Asia’s rise from the inside-out, revealing how this mega-region is coming together to reshape the 21st century global order.

Fans of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Steven Pinker, and Tim Marshall, or anyone with a personal or professional interest in the shape of things to come should not miss this rare opportunity to meet one of the most influential thinkers operating in international strategy today.






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