Nobel Prize-winning economist and bestselling author Joseph Stiglitz joins the how to: Academy to examine the current crisis in the European Union – and explain why its survival may mean scrapping the euro.

Designed to bring Europe closer together, the euro has actually done the opposite: after nearly a decade without growth, unity has been replaced with dissent, Euroscepticism is on the rise, and the gap between the most successful nations and Europe’s peripheral economic players is growing wider by the day. As Brexit has shown, the economic arguments in support of an ‘ever closer union’ are increasingly subject to dispute. Drawing on his new book “The EuroJoseph Stiglitz will examine whether Europe can survive this crisis of confidence?

In this talk, he will reveal the fundamental flaws inherent in the euro project, and lay bare the misguided decisions of the European Central Bank that have condemned the euro to unending stagnation and led to discontent throughout the continent. And in response to these failures, he will outline three possible ways forward for the survival of the European Union.



Emmanuel Centre

9-23 Marsham Street
London SW1P 3DW

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