Forget luck. Forget talent. Five scientifically-proven laws govern success in life. In this essential talk, you’ll discover what they are – and how to leverage them to your advantage.

Why does the last interviewee almost always get the job? Why, in successful teams, does one person get the lion’s share of the credit? Are expensive private schools really worth it?

In the age of big data, the myth of meritocracy is finally crumbling. We can finally see that success, like chemistry and physics, is determined by scientific principles.

Eminent network scientist Albert-László Barabási has uncovered five laws that drive success in today’s society. Uniting everyone from the ace fight pilot The Red Baron to graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, these unspoken rules govern who truly gets ahead and why, forming a new foundation to explain how and why people excel.

Barabási’s research is set to radically transform the way we think about human achievement. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear it first – and put it to the test in your own life.





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Portland Hall

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