Mary Norris, long-time copy editor of The New Yorker and beloved proof-reader of Philip Roth joins the how to: Academy to teach us the mysteries of the semicolon, the places a comma should (and shouldn’t) be seen, and the purpose of the enigmatic dots that hover over the word naïve.

For writers aiming to avoid misinterpretation and repeated edits, business people trying to draft a flawless email, and anyone struggling to compose the perfect thank-you letter, the preëminent ‘Comma Queen’ of the world’s favourite magazine for good writing will explain the rules of play for impeccable punctuation and share the secrets of lucid style.

From funny exhortations about exclamation marks and emoticons, comma faults and swear words to memorable exchanges about usage with writers such as Ian Frazier, Philip Roth and George Saunders, readers and writers will find in Norris a wise new friend in love with language.




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