Discover the new science of making farsighted decisions from bestselling author and broadcaster Steven Johnson.

In this age of short attention spans and information overload, countless gurus advise us to trust our intuition, secure in the knowledge that our unconscious mind knows what’s best for our business and our lives.

But from who we marry to how we vote, where we work to what we believe, some decisions are too important to be left to gut instinct. These are the choices that leave a profound and lasting impact on our future – and become the bedrock of the stories we tell about our societies and ourselves. What tools can we use to make sure they are farsighted, intelligent and well-informed?

In How We Got to Now and Where Good Ideas Come From, media theorist and bestselling author Steven Johnson created an exhilarating new picture of how to innovate in our networked age. Now he brings his erudition to bear on a subject that affects all of us, from politicians to schoolteachers, philosophers to CEOs: the art and science of effective, long-term decision-making.

Drawing on lessons from cognitive science, social psychology, military strategy, and environmental planning, Steven joins the How To: Academy to present a smarter, more deliberative approach to making tough choices, helping you to break out of the myopia of ‘single-scale’ thinking and develop methods for taking into account all the factors involved.

Fans of Dan Pink, Daniel Kahneman, and Charles Duhigg ought not to miss this opportunity to hear from one of the world’s most respected business thinkers.

Praise for Steven Johnson:

‘Johnson’s erudition can be quite gobsmacking’ – Wall Street Journal

‘A great science writer’ – Bill Clinton

‘A first-rate storyteller’ – The New York Times






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