A breakfast-briefing, taught by one of our leading independent investment experts, on how to invest your money sensibly: what your options are and where the pitfalls lie.


Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of the modern age, used four words to describe the art of investing money: “simple, but not easy”. Most people either don’t know where to start, or start by asking the wrong questions. Delegate decisions or DIY? Funds or individual stocks? Taxable or tax-free? Growth or value? High risk or low risk? UK or global? How much diversification is best? Unit trusts or investment trusts? IFAs or stockbrokers? Online or face to face? What about gold, hedge funds and other “alternatives”? Before you can start to invest your money sensibly, you need a clear and realistic assessment of what your options really are and where the major pitfalls lie.


In this introductory course Jonathan Davis MCISI, FT columnist, author and investment company director, outlines his Ten Commandments for successful investing – the essential information you need to make a start on your investing career. He won’t be trying to sell you anything, just passing on – in his own distinctive style – the fruits of more than 30 years of experience analysing the markets (and all too often observing investors make a mess of what they are doing). Why make the same mistakes that everyone else has made.


How To.

· Get started as an investor


Potential follow ups

· Pick your own funds

· Pick your own stocks

· Manage a portfolio

· Increase returns and cut your risk

· Speculate online (spread betting, CFDs etc)


Each course includes:


· Packs of helpful slides

· Lists of useful sources

· Further reading lists

· Must read investment warnings

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