A lunchtime masterclass from a Silicon Valley expert to teach you how to harness the true secret of success – focus.

We’re all distracted – on our commute, in our free time, at home and at work. We know we should be focussing on an important presentation, but we find ourselves responding to that trending tweet, or scrolling our Facebook news feed. How do we do more of what we intend to do, and less of what we don’t?

Behavioural Design Consultant Nir Eyal is a Silicon Valley expert on habit-forming products. He designed and popularised the techniques that some of the world’s biggest companies use to get us hooked to their products. At Stanford he taught behavioural design and his international bestseller Hooked is essential reading at Facebook, PayPal and Slack. Who better, then, to teach us how to break our addiction to technology?

Nir’s upcoming book Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life is set to do for concentration what Hooked did for habit-formation – globally reshaping how human beings interact with technology. Ahead of its release in the autumn, we’ve invited Nir to the How to Academy to exclusively preview his ideas and give you a toolkit for leading a more focused and fulfilling life.

In conversation with LBC presenter Matthew Stadlen, Nir will teach us how to identify the internal triggers that lead to distraction and provide methods for dealing with external triggers too – from chatty colleagues to endless notifications.

Most importantly, he’ll help us address the deepest cause of our distractibility: our desire to escape what we don’t enjoy.

Join us to get ahead, and learn to master the most essential and powerful skill of the digital age.





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