The Secret To Efficient Meetings, Winning Clients, And Influencing Colleagues

Have you ever sat in frustration though slow, irrelevant meetings, awful presentations and poorly delivered feedback sessions? Have you wanted to say something, but been unsure of how to put it?

The cause of this frustration and uncertainty is poor communication. When people know how to communicate effectively, they are able to present information clearly and efficiently, and keep meetings on track. They can offer constructive criticism without sounding disparaging, and provide feedback that is understood and acted upon. Strong communicators are able to respond calmly and maintain control in any situation, and as a result are more likely than others to move up the career ladder quickly and effectively.

With guidance, you can improve or hone your communication skills more easily than many other executive skills.

About this workshop

This workshop will help you fine tune your communication style not only in meetings, presentations and feedback sessions but also in your everyday working life. It will give you the skills you need to feel in control in every conversation, express what you want to say in a clear and concise manner, and enable you to steer clear of potential misunderstandings. Importantly, it will help you to present yourself effectively so that people respond positively towards you no matter what your message is, or who you are speaking to.


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