With a TED talk that has attracted over 29 million views, social psychologist Amy Cuddy is undoubtedly the most influential expert in non-verbal communication in the world today. She joins the how to: Academy in February to give a masterclass in Presence: the ability to shape the impression we give to others, and ensure that we feel strongest in the moments that really matter.

From job interviews to break-ups, arguments to business deals, we frequently find ourselves in situations that require us to articulate our genuine views and opinions with eloquence and strength. Too often, we come away from these challenges feeling that we have short-changed ourselves, given a false impression, or missed an important point. In this talk, Amy Cuddy will draw on cutting-edge science to explain how we can adopt physical and psychological behaviours that will allow us to feel self-assured in high-pressure moments.

Praise for Presence:

‘Amy Cuddy is the high priestess of self-confidence for the self-doubting. In Presence, she uses her warmth, empathy, and laser-sharp intelligence to decode the mysteries of presence under social pressure. A must-read for – well, for everyone.’ – Susan Cain, author of the SUNDAY TIMES bestseller Quiet

‘With advice that is both practical and profound, Amy Cuddy shows how to summon your true and best self when doing so matters most. Emotions are contagious. If you personify poise and optimism yourself, you enhance the odds that they will respond in kind.’ – Michael Wheeler, Harvard Business School. author of The Art of Negotiation


Curzon (Mayfair)

38 Curzon Street
London W1J 7TY

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