David Salle is the leading American postmodernist painter, the shaping spirit of a movement which provocatively took the entire history of art as its raw material as well as subject matter. His works are mysteriously original, yet everything they contain has had a life elsewhere: in paintings, in advertising, in comics, in photographs, yet somehow the result is all art. To coincide with his new book – How to See: Looking, Talking and Thinking about Art– Salle will walk us through the museum without walls that is his world. The only things we need to bring are our intuition, curiosity and capacity to feel. He will show us ‘how to see’ with an artist’s eye, and what can be learnt by asking the right questions of a work: ‘What does it love, from what does it suffer, where does its heart lie?’

‘If John Berger’s Ways of Seeing is a classic of art criticism, David Salle’s How to See is the artist’s reply, a brilliant series of reflections on how artists think when they make their work. The ‘how’ of art has never been better explored.’ – Salman Rushdie






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