How can you know the truth about diets? What works and what’s snake oil? From the Atkins to the South Beach diet, Cambridge University’s Dr. Giles Yeo is here with the scientific facts.

Dr. Giles Yeo is a genetics scientist who specialises in debunking dietary misinformation and spreading the truth about human appetite. Did you know…

– That a ‘juice cleanse’ that claims to detox the liver actually makes it work harder?
– That ‘paleo diet’ is a made-up concept – since modern foods bear little genetic resemblance to their Palaeolithic ancestors, and hunter gatherers ate grains?
– That when you gain weight, you don’t gain fat cells – you make the ones you have swell until they leak?

Drawing on the very latest science and his own research, Dr Giles Yeo has developed the seminal ‘anti-diet’ diet. In this talk, he will explore the history of our food, debunking marketing nonsense and toxic diet advice, and confront the advocates of ‘clean eating’, translating his pioneering research into an engaging and unmissable presentation that will empower us all with the facts we need establish healthy relationships with food.

Praise for Dr. Giles Yeo:

It is rare to find a book, written by a world-class scientist, that is both informative and entertaining. Giles not only delves into the science of obesity but, with honesty and great precision, skewers many of the more foolish fad diets out there.‘ Dr Michael Mosley, bestselling author of THE 8-WEEK BLOOD SUGAR DIET

An excellent and engaging book, but also an important one. It is about time that a serious, respected academic provided a voice of reason.‘ Anthony Warner aka THE ANGRY CHEF







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