A conversation assessing the success and the future challenges of fighting jihadist terrorism in the UK between Jonathan Evans , former Director General of the Security Service (MI5) and Ed Husain, former supporter of radical Islamism and now bestselling author and adviser to governments.

The event marks the launch of an independent ‘national conversation’ across the United Kingdom on terrorism and violent radicalisation.

This conversation is launched with a series of meetings on 11-12 September under the auspices of Combating Jihadist Terrorism in the United Kingdom (CoJiT-UK).

CoJiT-UK is an independent, charitable initiative, launched this year, intended to have a direct impact on fighting jihadist terrorism in the United Kingdom. It is designed to make a rapid, direct and high-profile contribution to that goal. It brings together leading experts who are among the best in the business to look afresh at how we define the problem of jihadist terrorism and to discuss openly and without fear or favour what should be done to counter itmore effectively. Full information is available on the CoJiT-UK.Org website.




Emmanuel Centre

9-23 Marsham Street
London SW1P 3DW

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