This is an unmissable opportunity to hear the world famous philosopher Michael Sandel address the outstanding question of our age: how do we want to live together?


He has been called ‘the most effective communicator of ideas’ in English, our most ‘relevant living philosopher’, a ‘genius’, a humanitarian, who can has taken philosophy into the global public domain and empowered audiences worldwide to participate in the highest quality of debate. His Harvard ‘Justice’ course has become legendary. In Britain, BBC R4 audiences will know him as The Public Philosopher.


In the past, he has engaged live audiences in questions such as:


Why should we vote?
What are the moral limits markets?
Should a banker be paid more than a nurse?
Is it ethical to buy body organs?
Should Universities give preference to poor applicants?
Should we hire mercenaries to fight our wars, and should we sell citizenship?


Quite simply, Michael Sandel changes the way we think.











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