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how to: Academy events inspire fresh ideas and increased engagement among employees and clients. They provide a platform to show the best side of your organisation.

Whether you want to hear from from a Nobel Laureate on economics, a leader at Google on innovation, or a Harvard Business School professor on Behavioural Economics, our live and interactive events deliver insights which spark clearer thinking and better working practices.

Businesses and organisations looking to get the most out of the how to: Academy can choose from three specialised services.


Bespoke Curation

From short breakfast or lunch briefings to evening galas and day-long conferences, we have the expertise and network to programme events which will engage and educate your employees, impress your clients, and help you to build the reputation of your organisation.

If you wish to reach a wider audience, we can share your event with our 45,000-person list of email subscribers.

Bespoke Curation carries the additional benefit of private access to speakers appearing in our public programme: offering you the chance to hear a Harvard Business School lecture in your own office.


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Flexible Subscriptions

From a 30 person agency to a 1000+ person corporation, our flexible subscriptions give your managers and employees the opportunity to choose talks and workshops that are most relevant to their needs.

The process is simple: you choose which events you would like your employees to be able to attend, and we provide you with a code that enables them to book without paying individually. Payment is settled directly with your finance team.

This option empowers and engages your employees while providing training and thought-leadership at a substantial financial discount.


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Tailored Training

Tailored Training makes the how to: Academy’s expert instructors available for private booking.

We work with the best instructors in a variety of soft and hard skills, from presentation techniques to copywriting.

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