Today’s most original travel writers come together to explore how travel raises in acute form the most fundamental questions.

Bonita Norris, ‘the girl who climbed Everest’, will describe one woman’s journey to the world’s toughest places and the lessons she learnt along the way: that you can turn fear into courage, and that it’s in these fearful elsewheres that our inner landscapes are rearranged.

Dave Goulson has followed and been led by bees, from Salisbury Plain to Sussex hedgerows, from Poland to Patagonia. Tracking great yellow bumblebees in the Hebrides or orchid bees through the Ecuadorian jungle, the roving biologist finds environmental resilience but also umistakable signs of crisis.

Stephen Alford is a time traveller, retracing the footsteps of Tudor London on its journey from gloomy and introverted medieval city to dynamic global metropolis, trading with and colonising parts of the world previously unknown – with unsuspected lessons for the present. This is where we came from, but where are we going?

Geoff Dyer asks why on earth we travel, and why in certain places (as Gertrude Stein said) ‘there is no there there’, as he ruminates – from New Mexico to French Polynesia – on the strange meanings we assign to the destinations of our pilgrimages.

Travel writing plays fast and loose with boundaries: mixing here with there, ideas with things seen, expectation and disappointment, vistas and dead ends, rules and improvisation. Join us for an evening of tall tales and the exploration of a genre.




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