A unique two-day half-term all-out event for teenagers. Individual sessions will include: how to interview well, how to write a great CV, how to gain work experience, how to break into the workplace, and how to get into Oxbridge or an American University.


The two day course will take place in two separate venues : Day one will be at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill and Day two at Christ Church Spitalfields (5 mins walk from Liverpool Street tube station.)


1) – How To: interview well. Taught by Edie Lush


Do you come out of career-breaking interviews feeling sure that you have done yourself justice? We all know how engaging and compelling we can be when we are at our most confident, comfortable and natural, but what often happens when we are under pressure and in the spotlight is that the person our friends recognize drains away to leave a drier, less effective version of ourselves. By exploring how to bring ideas, opinions, and interests alive and to make rhetoric concise, accessible and memorable, we’ll work on turning you into an effective, compelling, interesting and, above all, successful.


2) – How To: enhance your CV. Essential advice on careers by Anastasia Baker from Intern Partnership.


What are companies looking for in new recruits and how best to market yourself.? With the experience of having talked to over 80 companies in advertising, PR, business, finance, marketing and media, Anastasia Baker knows what employers are looking for and in this talk will share that knowledge and advise as to what you need to be doing to impress and with case studies of what other graduates are doing which has impressed her, she’ll explain the reason why 95% of her interns are getting the placements she sends them to.


3) – How To: write a killer CV. Taught by Rachel Spedding from Bright Network.


The average time an employer takes to scan a CV is just 10 seconds. So what are they looking for? What can you do to stand out from the crowd? A tour de force of what it takes to present yourself well on paper, what it takes to stand out from the crowd and even how to sell yourself into a role before meeting your potential employer.


4) – How To: to get into the working world and how to secure work experience secure your dream job. Taught by Robin Kennedy from WEXO.


Since leaving Edinburgh University in 1999, Robin has been everything from an ice cream man to a ski instructor, a derivatives broker to a music manager and an internet entrepreneur to a freelance consultant. Along the way, he’s learnt a lot about what it takes to get that dream job (if not stay in it). Here, he’ll be sharing a few of the tricks he’s picked up – including some tips for writing CVs, interviewing and standing out from the crowd – as well as some amusing anecdotes to boot.


5) – How To: get into Oxbridge- Taught by James Uffindell Oxbridge Applications.


Should I apply to Oxbridge? And what are my chances? What are those admissions tutors at Oxbridge really looking for and how do I stand out at every stage of the application process? From choosing your course to writing the famous personal statement, sitting tough admissions tests and tackling the interview questions like ‘Tell me about a banana…!’, how can you ensure you are demonstrating your ability, potential and motivation at every step?


6) – How to get into a good university to do an interesting course with disappointing grades. Taught by James Barton, MPW


7) – How To: use social media( your online network)  to advance your career. A guide to using Facebook and LinkedIn. Taught by Rachel Spedding from Bright Network.


Do you use Facebook, Twitter, online forums and even LinkedIn? Do you have lots of friends, who in turn know lots of interesting people? Your next contact, your next opportunity could be right in your friends list, or there at the click of a button. So how could you use your social networks to your advantage? How can you raise your online profile to get ahead?


8) – How To : write as well as Orwell. Taught by Charity Charity.


9) – How To: get into to a top American university. Taught by Steve Schwartz


The application process of top American universities is complicated, arcane and made even more confusing by hype, much of it generated by the universities themselves.  These talks are intended to provide you with a solid and clear understanding of what highly selective schools actually are looking for in a candidate, how to go about applying and how best to present yourself.  In brief, these talks are meant to show you how to think about the American system of higher education.  If you can do that effectively, you will have a considerable advantage in assessing your chances and, should you then decide to go ahead with applications, of presenting yourself as a highly competitive candidate.


The venue for 22nd October will be The Tabernacle
The venue for 23rd October will be Christ Church Spitalfields Venue



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