Does it seem hard to go out there and meet someone? Do you find internet dating daunting or at least time-consuming? Are you apprehensive about the ‘dating game’ but would actually like to give it a go and find a partner?

Could you do with some tips and tools to meet and connect with people in ‘real life’? 

Cate Mackenzie, love coach, psychosexual therapist and couples counsellor, helps people find love and intimacy by teaching how to connect naturally and intuitively, by demystifying flirting and giving practical, relevant advice. 

You will learn:

• How to build up your confidence
• How to feel comfortable about flirting and making connections
• How to relax and turn anxiety of meeting someone new into excitement
• How to interpret body language and tone of voice
• How to stop sabotaging yourself and enjoy dating

During the workshop Cate will also talk about the psychology of dating, teach visualisation and positive mental attitude techniques and explain how to be attuned to yourself and find what emotional patterns might be scuppering you. 

At the end of the evening you will feel confident, positive about dating and excited about making new connections and friendships.