Neil MacGregor comes to the how to: Academy stage for a deep exploration into the history of human faith through objects: the subject of a major exhibition at the British Museum and a 30 part BBC Radio 4 series.

Religion belongs with our most archaic and tenacious wishes, no society on Earth has lacked beliefs about where it has come from, or about its place in the natural or supernatural scheme of things. No society has doubted that there exists a connection between us and eternal reality.

Neil will trace how different societies have understood and articulated their place in the cosmic scheme, examining humankind’s multifarious belief systems, not from the perspective of institutional religion, but by focusing on the shared narratives that have shaped societies – and on what happens when these competing stories run up against each other.

Join us on September 19th for an evening, in which Neil MacGregor will turn his magic lantern of objects, monuments and ideas on these pressing contemporary concerns, seen in the long perspective of other times and other places, looking at communities from deep history to the present day, in Europe and around the world.



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Logan Hall, University College London

20 Bedford Way
London WC1H 0AL

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