A masterclass in the art and science of creativity, by two men who’ve lived it – not just had opinions about it.

Creativity matters. Large corporations hold seminars on how they can become more creative. In ad agencies, the ‘creatives’ are treated with awe, as if they were gifted with special powers – the witch doctors of modern marketing. Innovation is worshipped, no longer just as a means to an end, but almost as an end in itself.

Whether you’re an ad exec or software engineer, schoolteacher or product designer, creativity is a talent that can be applied to any aspect of life. It is as essential to our lives as a pulse is to our bodies. And yet all too many of the ‘creative’ tools we are offered at work – from brainstorming to PowerPoint, wikis to flip charts – produce only dull, linear, mediocre thinking. True innovation is stifled by bureaucracy, conformity and routine.

So how can we avoid boredom and frustration, and instead tap into the wellspring of creativity that resides deep within each of us?

In this talk, design guru Stephen Bayley and legendary advertising executive Roger Mavity will debunk the myths of creativity and explain the truths. They’ll uncover original and subversive approaches to the classic questions of creativity, like:

Where do ideas come from?
How can I deal with writer’s block and stage fright?
And, how can we tell great ideas from terrible ones?

And they’ll provide new tools to help you fire up your imagination, take creative risks, and realise your true potential.






CNCFD- Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

16-17 Greek Street
London W1D 4DR

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